The stettfeld fire department can expand

The stettfeld volunteer fire department can rejoice. Your wish for more space is granted by the city council. The council unanimously decided to extend the existing geratehaus.

In addition to a workshop and a storage room for respiratory protection equipment on the first floor, the annex will provide space for a training room and an office on the upper floor. The heat supply is provided by the heating system of the neighboring elementary school, which has sufficient capacity.

When the little heroes give thanks

When the little heroes give thanks

"On days like these" the sound of the "toten hosen" can be heard over the bayern-platz at bleichwasen. Jubilant U9 kickers of the kitzinger fubballvereinigung run across the pitch in front of more than 50 fans after the 3:1 against FG marktbreit-martinsheim – with the eighth success in the eighth round robin match they ended the season.
Instead of celebrating in the booth with spezi-maben, the thanks was in the foreground. Quickly returned to the lawn, the kids rolled up a giant banner. On about 20 meters long it read "thank you to fans and parents" – with two thick exclamation marks. And further: "here comes rough – and you are there" – another exclamation mark.
"The parents are fully behind our work as coaches", describes kai richard, who coaches the team with michael funk. A youth team only works if the balance between coach, parents and players is right: "and i can proudly say that this is more than right for us," says kai richard. Instead of just being proud, however, the motto thanked. In visible form. On a giant banner. Just before, anthony rygelski, konstantin gkorogias and lukas hosch had scored three goals to lead the game at half-time, and in the second period, after conceding a goal against the equally strong marktbreiter, they were worried for a long time. Now they rolled up the transparent under the applause of the parents and supervisors. "No matter how this game had ended, we had shown it", so richard.
The idea of creating a banner of thanks came to the supervisors when they realized that their working conditions were not self-evident. The parents are not too shy to make purchases for the team possible financially and to lend a hand themselves, describes kai richard, one of the two coaches, who is also pleased about the sponsors who want to work unrecognized in the background. "When you have your parents behind you, a lot of things are easier for you as a coach, said the supervisor.

2006 world cup shirt as an example

Comparison with the “team co”

Comparison with the 'team co

There was a new addition to the national team of the schutzengesellschaft coburg on the occasion of the schutzenfest: a meet and greet to the birdshift with the “team CO.

The "team CO has been at home in the first division for more than ten years, but also on the coburg "vogelschieben". In order to become better known in public, the "team CO" raffled off together with radio 1 a comparative duel in the old angerturnhalle at the vogelschieben. Oliver malowitz-wendt and oliver zapf took up the challenge.

With clobber and flags against the coburg convent

The cityscape was pretty colorful on whitsun weekend as usual. On the one hand, there were the students and old men with the multicolored caps and banners, who, as members of the national associations and gymnastic societies of the coburg convent (CC), populated the streets and beer gardens of the western city. But also a completely different group "colorful" people procured themselves on saturday gehor. Together, the coburg grunen, the alternative culture association, representatives of the party called on the party and others to demonstrate against the CC. About 150, mostly young, people had gathered on the bahnhofsplatz (train station square).

The criticism of the structures and values that the CC imparts also showed auberlich. You could see torn pants, naked fube, rainbow flags, colorful signs and a kloburste as flag substitute. Against the sun, the demonstrators had brought along umbrellas and painted them with battle slogans. "Fight sexism" was to be read there, or "nationalism out of the heads".

Tickets for parking violations to become more expensive

Tickets for parking violations to become more expensive

After more than 20 years, illegal parking in german cities is to become significantly more expensive. The current fines of 5 to 25 euros for parking without a ticket or with an expired parking time are to increase by 5 euros each, as the federal ministry of transport announced in berlin on monday. The background to this is the corresponding wishes of the federal states and municipalities, as the current rates no longer had a preventive effect. Many motorists have decided not to pay the parking fee, preferring to take the risk of a relatively small fine. The current rates have not been raised since 1990.

The new regulation is expected to come into force on 1 january 2020. April 2013 come into force, as the ministry explained. However, a corresponding ordinance still has to be discussed and passed by the bundesrat (upper house of parliament). With it, information from the "saarbrucker zeitung" was (monday) confirmed.

The floating desk from the coburg countryside

The floating desk from the coburg countryside

"High one" – this is the name under which the leuwico company will be launching a new, purely mechanical, height-adjustable desk in the coming year. Managing director mattias rothe is convinced: "this will be the best table on the market." the design with a nearly free-floating tabletop and the resulting complete legroom made "high one" one of the highlights at "orgatec" a few weeks ago, the leading trade fair for office equipment in germany.

"High one" is a community project of coburg county. Leuwico realized the table together with the designers of kontec from coburg, who developed the inner workings of the high adjustment system. "We worked on this project for one and a half years" was the, tells ulrich hofmann, managing director at kontec. The main challenge was to fit all the adjustment technology into as narrow a column as possible. The forces at work there, explains hofmann’s colleague martin pechtold, are enormous. Normally you need a lot of space. A good tabletop alone weighs up to 60 kilograms – plus everything that is part of an office workstation today: computer, monitor and much more. "You have to be able to move all this with four fingers", pechtold describes what was envisioned at leuwico at the beginning of development.

Nurnberger helped save the cave in thailand

Nurnberger helped save the cave in thailand

All the young people and their trainer are saved. Did they dare to think of such a happy outcome??
Nick vollmar: i wished with all my heart that the rescue would succeed. The rescue of the youths and their coach is the result of a gigantic logistical effort. What was accomplished here within days is without any example. The rescue makes me very proud of my thai friends and our team.

You yourself were also on site.
I was at and in the hollow from monday to thursday last week. Then, unfortunately, a cold caught me. I would have been out of the question for further diving missions in this condition. This would not have been acceptable to myself or the other divers. So i left again. I did not want to stand around blob and still hinder the rescuers in their work.

Shell disappeared despite increase in profits

shell disappeared despite increase in profits

As the company announced in london on thursday, the adjusted profit, which is the focus of analysts, rose by 15 percent to 5.58 billion U.S. Dollars (4.13 billion euros), and the bottom line also remained positive. However, shell has not been able to build on the strong previous quarter, in which the group earned about one billion more.

For the full year, shell posted a 14 percent drop in profits to 26.59 billion dollars. Here, the first half of the year was particularly impressive, with lower oil and gas prices. On the london stock exchange, shell shares fell by more than one percent in some cases on thursday.

From the city to the country: munich family renovates house in gobmannsdorf

Dead chickens, weeds as tall as a man and lots of mulch. This is what sebastian rehm, his wife and their two daughters expected when they opened the door to their new home in gobmannsdorf, a suburb of hofheim, last fall. Now, a good year later, the mull has disappeared. In the courtyard behind the house, a lively flock of chickens roams about.

But the rehms still live on a construction site. Beams and boards are piled up in the backyard. The house is surrounded by a garden. On the upper floor, sebastian rehm and a helper are busy at work. Here, the new home begins to take shape.

Track for rhythm and melody: toddlers and the good sound

track for rhythm and melody: toddlers and the good sound

Lukas is just two years old. The bub sits on the floor and grins happily, because out of the "thing as a clear, even tone comes out in front of him. The "thing is a sound brick and lukas hits it with a mallet. A little uncontrolled at first, then his mom – who sits behind him – guides his arm a little and lo and behold: now lukas is already well in step with the beat. The whole group plays a song together that anja jager has sung. The eleven boys and girls sing, clap and move, the mothers are there and join in. To be more precise, "they have to participate", explains anja jager and laughs.

The music pedagogue opened her own music school in zeil in september of last year, and she now calls it "notenwiese. The approach: to introduce children to music from an early age, playfully and without coercion, because "otherwise they lose interest in it again very quickly", says jager. The music teacher has a degree in "elementary music pedagogy" studying at the music academy in wurzburg. "This includes practically the entire music sector. Every age and every instrument", she explains. The 30-year-old gives lessons for all age groups, even children under one year old take part in her first courses, then it goes age-wise up to the hundred-year-olds, although the rush of the hundred-year-olds is naturally limited. The underlying message is that it is never "too late" to learn an instrument and make music. And of course it makes sense to start early, because if you develop a reliable sense of rhythm, melody and sound as a small child, it will be easier for you as you develop musically, says jager.